Know about Us

Ceylon College of Applied Studies Campus, (CCAS CAMPUS) is a state-of-the-art private higher education provider in Sri Lanka appointed as an accredited academic partner, study and examination center for all academic graduate and post-graduate programs offered by the following member universities registered with the International Association of Universities (IAU). The authenticated Graduate and Post Graduate awarding certifications of these universities are recognized worldwide and by the University Grants Commission (UGC) in Sri Lanka.

CCAS CAM PUS has an unblemished record for service excellence and academic integrity instilling educational experience of the highest standards with professionally skilled scholars and lecturers that add value through innovative, futuristic ideas and solutions.

All the courses offered to meet the stringent quality standards of the International Qualifications Framework (IQF), therefore are well-recognized across the globe. Backed by international experience and expertise, our qualifications are designed to equip the students with skills and competence that outshine the competitive phenomenon in the global employment market.

We believe that education is a fundamental right and everyone should have access to good higher education facilities. With this view in mind, we strive to create opportunities for those who have genuine aspirations and honest intentions, and who seek excellent quality in tuition, student services, qualifications, and career prospects. A range of Degree Programs and Post Graduate studies are offered to lead to Masters and Doctorates that align with the global requirement of human resources.


To develop a strong based education system that could instill the power of edification as a universal realm of tranquility, sustenance, stability, and equality.


To foster a stalwart national populace of academic supremacy that would sustain non-racism. communal alliance, peace, and tranquility from the roots of academic excellence.


• Honesty, Integrity, and Objectivity
• Open Communication and Transparency
• Professional Skills and Due Care
• Confidentiality and Professional Behavior
• Inclusiveness,  Impartiality and Respect
• Consideration, Empathy and Inspiration